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Airborne Transmission

Disposable Face Shields and Masks to protect yourself and others



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RAP is an award winning manufacturer. Now turning our attention to  help companies and individuals fight the COVID pandemic we have designed and  produced the patented RAP Face Shield and RAP Barrier Face Mask. All our products are made in Ireland only using responsibly sourced materials 

RAP Barrier Face Mask

The award-winning sustainability-packaging company RAP have repurposed their design and manufacturing teams to produce a solution that helps protect from airborne transmission. Alongside the recently launched RAP™ Face Shield, the disposable RAP™ Barrier Face Mask has been designed for a range of uses, from healthcare to personal protection, when in the workplace or out and about.  In a world after lockdown, the RAP™ Barrier Face Mask will help people adjust confidently to a gradual return to normality


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